General Operating Policies

Cleaning/Trash Removal
The TD Convention Center (Center) will provide janitorial service during normal operating hours in aisles, corridors, open spaces and restrooms, plus one thorough cleaning of these same areas during the hours when the Center is closed. Specific times are to be coordinated with building services. Cleaning of exhibit booth areas is not the responsibility of Center personnel.

Events such as food shows, which require continual janitorial service throughout the facility, should make special arrangements with the Center for additional personnel.

Licensee is responsible for cleaning carpeted aisles and carpeted registration areas, lounges, etc.

Licensee is responsible for removal of all crates, pallets, lumber and packing materials prior to the opening of the show and following move-out.

Service contractors are to clean daily any freight entrances, docks or crate storage areas in their care or control as well as removing all floor tape and any tape residue. Failure to remove such tape and/or residue will facilitate a charge to the licensee for such removal.

Any and all ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or other copyright fees applicable to an event will be the full responsibility of the licensee. Payment of the fees will be made by the user directly to the applicable copyright agency.

All decorations used in the building must be flame-proofed according to the City of Greenville fire regulations. No decorations may be fastened to walls, columns or drapes, and nothing may be suspended from the ceiling without prior written permission from Center management.

Adhesive-backed stickers may not be used or given out on the premises.

The use of helium balloons within the facility is strongly discouraged. Balloons cause a safety hazard when they rise to the lighting and electrical system housed in the ceiling, as well as a future hazard when facility personnel are required to retrieve stray balloons that become entangled in the facility structure. Helium balloons are allowable only under the following conditions:

  • They are tethered or strung together (i.e. arches)
  • They are removed from the premises at the end of the event
  • There will be a $5 per balloon charge to remove any balloons that rise to the ceiling in the meeting rooms or exhibit halls
  • Absolutely no helium balloons may be given out inside the facility
  • All use of helium balloons must be approved by Center management prior to the event
  • No balloons are allowed in the atrium or prefunction areas of the Conference Center

Confetti may be used with prior approval from Center management. There will be a $100 cleanup charge for events using confetti. Birdseed may be thrown outside the Center but should not be used within the facility.

Equipment Rental
Equipment rentals are available through the Event Services Office at the Center.

Event Coordinator
An event coordinator is assigned to all events upon return of a signed License Agreement. After our receipt of the executed License Agreement, your event coordinator will be in contact with you to finalize details for your event.

First Aid
The Center is the sole healthcare provider for all events. The Center schedules medical personnel for all public shows, trade shows and events advertised to the public where expected attendance is more than 1,000 guests. The service is charged at an hourly rate and is normally scheduled during event hours. Your event coordinator will confirm the first aid schedule in advance of the event. Rates will be made available upon request.

Food and Beverage Services
“SAVOR…Greenville, Catering by SMG” is the exclusive food and beverage provider for the Center. No outside food or beverage of any kind may be brought into the facility. An SMG representative will be happy to assist with all arrangements for catered events, concessions and food & beverage sampling.

Food and Beverage Services – Concessions
The Center features a permanent concession area in Hall 1. In addition, portable stands may be used in other exhibit halls. Exhibit hall clients are encouraged to coordinate concession requirements early in the planning process to maximize the benefits of food service within your overall exhibit floor plan. Your event coordinator or catering sales manager will be happy to assist you in determining concession needs and locations.

Some concession areas may be open only during selected events. Locations and specific menu items are subject to change as we continue efforts to improve our selection and service.

Food and Beverage Services – Exhibitor Restrictions
Licensees and exhibitors wishing to distribute or dispense samples of food or beverage without charge MUST obtain written permission in advance of the event. These products MUST be the exhibitor’s primary product and relate directly to the nature of the show. A Food and Beverage Sampling Request Form is available on line (Download PDF form) or you may ask your event coordinator for a copy.

Any food and beverage items used to promote booth traffic (i.e., popcorn, snacks, etc.) must be obtained through the Center’s in-house catering department.

Freight Deliveries
The Center does not accept freight shipments for exhibitors. All shipments must be consigned to the show’s official general contractor or its agent and delivered to the Center during the scheduled move-in. The Center is not responsible for shipments of freight leaving the building. Materials for seminars and conferences will be accepted no more than five (5) working days in advance of an event and a shipping/handling fee will be charged.

Licensees must have insurance coverage in effect during the entire License Agreement period, including move-in, event days and move-out. Details concerning insurance coverage are specified in the License Agreement.

All certificates and endorsements shall be furnished at least 30 days before the first day of occupancy by the licensee. Certified copies shall provide that such coverage may not be canceled without 30 days advance notice to SMG and the City of Greenville.

The General Manager, or his/her designee, reserves the right to cancel the event or to cause the License Agreement to be null and void upon failure of licensee to provide proper verification of insurance within the specified period.

Internet Services 

The TD Convention Center is the exclusive provider of all wired and wireless internet services within the facility.  For the convenience of our visitors we provide free wireless service throughout the facility.  Please note that it is intended for casual use such as checking emails.  We make no guarantees regarding the availability or quality of wireless service.   If internet access is critical to the success of your exhibition, presentation or meeting we strongly recommend wired internet services for important event activities.

Wireless internet and network devices not administered or authorized by the TD Convention Center are prohibited and may be shut down.  These unauthorized systems can cause interference to our existing network which can result in service interruption.

The TD Convention Center requires that all devices directly or indirectly accessing our network have the latest virus scan software, Windows security updates, system patches, and any other technological precautions necessary to protect yourself and others from viruses, malicious programs and other disruptive applications.  Any device which adversely impacts the TD Convention Center network may cause service interruptions to yourself and others which can lead to disconnection of your equipment from the network at our discretion, without prior notice.

The TD Convention Center is not responsible for the programming or performance of personal (non-TDCC) equipment.  Additional costs may be incurred to assist in programming or troubleshooting of personal equipment if the problem is not the responsibility of the TD Convention Center.

Any illegal usage of TDCC internet services, including transmission, distribution or storage of material or conduct in violation of any applicable local, state, federal or foreign laws or regulations is prohibited.  Illegal usage of TDCC wireless services will result in termination of service.

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) it is illegal for any party to transmit or download copyrighted materials.  Any violation of DMCA copyright laws will result in termination of internet service and may result in legal action against the customer.

Move-in/move-out hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Extended move-in/move-out hours can be arranged at a rate of $100 per hour.

O.S.H.A. Regulations
Compliance with O.S.H.A. regulations is the responsibility of the licensee and its contractors.

The Center’s parking lots can accommodate 2,500 automobiles. All parking operations are under control of the Center. The daily parking fee currently is $5 per vehicle for trade shows and events open to the public. This fee is subject to change.

Payments to the Center can be made in the form of cash, check, credit card (MasterCard, VISA and American Express accepted), or electronic bank credit. Inquiries regarding payments should be directed to the Finance Department.

Animals (with the exception of service animals for the disabled) are not permitted in the facility unless they are part of dog shows or other animal-related events.

Physical Arrangements
Detailed floor plans are required for all exhibit hall events and activities in any public area of the Center, including meeting rooms, registration areas or lobbies. Floor plans must be approved by Center management and the Office of the Fire Marshal of the City of Greenville.

Floor plans should be approved prior to confirming exhibit space sales to avoid unnecessary confusion later.

All physical arrangements and setup information must be presented to Center management a minimum of 15 days prior to the event.

Pre-Event Activities
Pre-event activities such as rehearsals, preview parties, etc., will be assessed a charge for special cleaning, lighting and climate control.

Public Areas
Lobbies, prefunction areas, permanent food facilities, parking lots and exterior grounds at the Center are considered public areas and generally not under licensee control. As such, the following guidelines apply:

  • All activities utilizing public areas, such as registration, special exhibits or displays, etc. must be approved in advance. Detailed floor plans with specifications are to be submitted for approval.
  • Activities in public areas must take into consideration the requirements of other tenants utilizing the facility.
  • Service desks and related “behind the scenes” workstations should not be set in public areas.
  • Motorized vehicles, forklifts, gas or electric carts, etc. may not be operated in the prefunction areas or any carpeted area of the Center.
  • Installation of carpet runners, show carpet or other temporary floor coverings over permanent carpet must be approved in advance.
  • Heat tape and double-faced tape may not be used on permanent carpet.
  • The passenger elevator and escalators are for use only in conjunction with meeting room rental or attendee access and may not be blocked or used to transport freight or equipment.

The use of pyrotechnic displays is prohibited unless approved in writing by the Center’s General Manager.

The Center provides security personnel for all events conducted within the facility. The Center maintains security for building perimeter areas as well as internal patrols. All licensees are required to have security within exhibit areas and may be required to schedule security in meeting rooms and other areas used by licensee, depending on the type of event. Licensee may be required to provide security in leased areas from initial occupancy until completion of move-out, depending on space utilization and type of event. Licensee may utilize additional security beyond that provided by the Center with advanced written approval. Your event coordinator will contact you regarding security needs.

Staffing Services
The Center provides trained, experienced personnel to assist with registration and other temporary staffing requirements. Information is available from your event coordinator.

Smoking is not permitted in the Center.

Ticket Sales
South Carolina Department of Revenue regulations require that any event with an admission charge may be subject to an admissions tax of 5% (current tax rate). With regard to ticket sales, the following options are available for management of shows and events open to the public along with applicable restrictions:

  1. Show Management Controlled Sales in which the promoter is responsible for:
    1. Applying for and obtaining a South Carolina retail license, which allows for the collection of taxes
    2. Providing and securing all monies, including daily change
    3. Scheduling and paying ticket handling personnel
    4. Furnishing tickets. (Event coordinators can provide specific regulations)
    5. Paying admissions tax. Tax is due on or before the 20th day of the month following the event
    6. Furnishing TD Convention Center with a daily ticket report
  2. TD Convention Center Controlled Sales in which the Center is responsible for:
    1. Providing the use of TD Convention Center’s retail license
    2. Providing all monies for change
    3. Securing monies in the Center’s vault
    4. Scheduling and paying ticket handling personnel
    5. Furnishing all tickets
    6. Deducting and remitting tax from ticket sales to SC Department of Revenue
    7. Providing ticket booths at no charge
    8. Arranging for police-escorted deposits of admissions monies as the Center deems necessary

Charges for Option B include:

  1. Reimbursement for ticket handling personnel
  2. Handling fee, based on attendance:
    0-3,000:  $150
    3,001- 9,999:  $300
    10,000 and up:  $500

License Agreement
Facilities and dates are considered confirmed or under contractual commitment only upon execution of a License Agreement by the event sponsor and the Center specifying all details of the commitment. Space and dates are considered tentative until that time. A License Agreement is required for all events held at the Center.

Utility Connections
Connections to Center utilities (electrical, compressed air, water and drainage) are exclusive services of the Center. Order forms may be obtained here or from your event coordinator. A list of contractor relationships is below. Rates will be made available upon request.

Vehicles are not permitted in the Center without prior written approval of the Center management, or unless they constitute an integral part of a display. Any vehicle that is on display must conform to the City of Greenville Fire Marshal’s regulations.

Water Service
The Center offers complimentary water service for head tables in the form of water coolers. The coolers can be placed outside your room or wherever convenient. Should you desire a more formal form of water station, such as glasses and pitchers, our catering department can provide that service for an additional charge.


PSAV is the preferred provider of audio/visual services at the TD Convention Center (Center) and operates an office on site. Order forms for audio/visual equipment and services and a schedule of costs are available from the Center and can be provided to show management for distribution to exhibitors.

Drayage Service (material handling)
Licensees of the Center may select their own drayage company. Most general contractors/drayage companies working within the Center have arrangements with local storage companies to handle early shipments of freight.

Electrical Service
The TD Convention Center is the exclusive provider of electrical services within the Center. Electrical service order forms are available from the Center and can be provided to show management for distribution to exhibitors.

Food and Beverage Service
All catering and retail food & beverage sales are controlled exclusively by the Center. Menus are available upon request. Food and Beverage Sampling Order Forms must be submitted by exhibitors prior to any food and beverage distribution on the show floor.

General Contractors/Decorators
Licensees of the Center may select their own decorator.

Plumbing Service
Connection to the Center utilities – compressed air, gas, water and drain – must be arranged through the Center’s in-house plumbing service. Plumbing order forms are available from the Center and can be provided to show management for distribution to exhibitors.

Telephone/Internet Service
Telecommunication and internet services are provided on an exclusive basis by the Center. Wireless internet service is provided free of charge. Telecommunication and hardwire internet information and order forms are available from the Center and can be provided to show management for distribution to all exhibitors.